Self Absorbed CUNT (faegoddess) wrote in weekly_menu,
Self Absorbed CUNT

Grocery list for Week 1

It's possible that i might have forgotten a few items OR that you may already have items in stock -- please check menus and your cabinets before going to the store

Grocery list

Bag salad or various lettuces (2)
Spaghetti squash

3-5 low-carb bars
Low carb bread
Flax cereal or hi-fiber cereal (like fiber-all)

Canned chicken
can tuna
Unsweetened peanut butter
Unsweetened chocolate
Classico marinara sauce (no sugar)

Bacon (precooked works out pretty well or get a package and cook it all and freeze it)
Ground beef
small steak
Deli meat (ham or turkey goes well)

no-sugar dressing (Ranch, blue cheese or a vinegarette...check Maries brand)
Cream cheese
1 block of cheese (sharp cheddar is a favorite here)
Eggs -- 1 carton
Sour cream
Whipping cream or half/half
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You can get the most fabulous low-carb bread in Chicago...when I was there in September I bought some at they Hyde Park Coop. It's made by some bakery in Wisconsin whose name I've forgotten, of course (but I can ask bewandered if you aren't familiar with it). It's WAY better than the Atkins brand bread, and better than the stuff Central Market is now baking and selling. Is this the stuff you're buying?
The stuff I get is SO amazing...I don't remember the brand name, but I get the "Golden nut Crunch, low- carb" it has 3 grams per slice and it has delicious nuts in it and it is very hearty! I just had 2 slices this morning as French Toast! It's so good.

If you know the name of the stuff you are referencing, let me know -- it could be the same, but I'm always up for trying new things.
Johan says the bread is made by Natural Ovens in Manitowoc, WI. Check out It was *great*--so good I took it back on the plane and was terribly sad when I ate the last of it.
Yes! that's the brand! The new flavor is the golden nut crunch -- it is SO good. I am in love with it -- too bad it costs $5.90 a loaf.