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Eat Right's Journal
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Monday, July 3rd, 2006
1:42 pm
Looking for a new fitness program? How about trying the Presidential Fitness Challenge. This challenge comes in three varieties:

1. The Active Lifestyle Program - For those of you who aren't active on a daily basis yet, this is a great way to begin. The rules are basically to get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week, for a total of 6 weeks.

2. The Presidential Champions Program - If you're already active and want a new challenge, this program is for you. Your goal is to see how many points you can earn by staying active. Points are based on the amount of energy each activity burns. So the more active you are, the more points you'll get. When you reach 20,000 points, you'll earn a Bronze award. Then you can continue on in the Presidential Champions program for a Silver or Gold award.

3. The Advanced Performance Presidential Champions Program - This is basically the same system as the Presidential Champions Program, except that the award goals are higher. For instance, you need to get 40,000 points to earn a Bronze award.

The Presidential Champions Fitness Program Website (where you can log your progress and also order your awards when you've reached your goal)

Also, if you want, come join the LJ pres_challenge community to chat with others who are challenging themselves with this program.
Wednesday, January 21st, 2004
9:26 am
Menu for 1/19/04 Through 1/25/04
This is my weekly menu.

cut for brevityCollapse )

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Monday, January 5th, 2004
8:45 am
Weekly Menu for 1/5/04 through 1/11/04
I do my menus one week at a time and we do the shopping for them every Saturday. Recipes are taken from Dana Carpender's "500 Low Carb Recipes". My recipes are structured for OWL with some additional carbs added for my husband, who is in maintinence (in most cases, I simply don't eat as many servings or I don't eat the garnishes and dressings). In some dishes, like the hot and sour soup, I eliminated the tofu from my portion to cut the carbs but kept it for my husband. The carb counts listed assume the higher amount with all ingredients present. No snacks are included because we're past the need for them. Higher net carb days take into account our probable activity levels, when we might need extra energy.

MenuCollapse )

grocery listCollapse )

I've never eaten some of these and I'm looking forward to trying the recipes out. The meatza, Asian ginger slaw, and all meat chili have become staples in our diet because they taste so good. We eat a lot of the catfish too because it's inexpensive and can be gotten fresh locally.

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Sunday, December 28th, 2003
10:12 pm
Sorry my readers! I've not been updating because I've been away for the holidays and not sticking to my low-carb lifestyle. I am rededicating myself and well I promise more regular updates!!!

Here's some recepies for a few days.

Smoked Salmon with cream cheese

Cucumber with no-sugar added Ranch

Tomato/ motzarella/ lettuce salad with oil and vinegar dressing

Roasted chicken with lemon/ rosemary/ thyme/ garlic. Baked at 350 for 30 minutes.
Asparagus with butter

Protein Shake

Celery and tomatoes with dip (sour cream with dill and season salt)

Egg salad scoop on Salad

Baked Fish with Spinach (with parmesean cheese)

Enjoy -- more later!
Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
11:24 am
Recipe Request
Hi Weekly_menu-ers!

Does anyone have any low-carb recipes they would like to see on next week's Weekly Menu? I'm looking for fresh fun ideas and I think you guys probably have a good idea about what is going on!
Friday, December 5th, 2003
11:52 pm
hi, i'm rachel, im 16..and i dunno what's up with me, but i want to go on a healthy eating plan so i can bring up my confidence and lose this tummy flab of mine :( so do ya'll think following this will help? i want to lower my carb intake..so i need kind of like an easy 16 year old who doesnt know how to cook much..so maybe if it helps..can ya'll correct my eating? i dont know whether to eat low in fat, calorie wise..or lower my carb intake..or is the same? help, please? i plan on giving up coke too

usual eats daily
- 2 oatmeal raisin chewy granola bars
- water

- i buy from the school, but yes..3 skinny peices of this type of chicken with "fried" stuff on it
- water

- depends..rice-r-roni, grilled chicken, macaroni and cheese, fajitas, tacos, rolls, baked potatoes, pizza, fast food..sigh, just lots of carbohydrate stuff..
- coke

Current Mood: sad
Saturday, November 29th, 2003
9:54 pm
Weekly Menu
Most recipies from http://www.atkinscenter.com -- all from the "Induction Friendly" group of foods. Make sure you keep up a good intake of rich green veggies! I try to limit my intake of beef and eggs, feel free to alter it if you must. Click on the links below for the recipes

Scrambled Eggs

Broccoli/ Celery with Dip

Lettuce/ Ham/ Cream Cheese Roll-ups

Fish with olive butter

Maple Crepes

Deviled Eggs

Cobb Salad or other Rich salad

Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Chard Casserole

Omlette with veggies and cheese

Goat Cheese

Spinach Salad or Lettuce Rollup

Dinner: Chili

advantage bar or protein shake

Egg Nog

Leftover Chili with small salad

Tequila Chicken

Cheddar and Green Onion Pie
Pie Crust(make night before)

Broccoli and Celery with dip

Crab Salad

Red Snapper
Brussels Sprouts

If you're going out to eat...enjoy some Buffalo Chicken Wings or Grilled Chicken Salad!
Monday, November 17th, 2003
11:53 am
Anyone else interested?
With my busy schedule this week, I might not have time to do a menu for week 2. Would anyone else be interested in posting a 5-7 day menu here for the readers of this journal? If not, I'll get around to it, but it might not be as complete as the last one
Wednesday, November 12th, 2003
10:18 pm
Grocery list for Week 1
It's possible that i might have forgotten a few items OR that you may already have items in stock -- please check menus and your cabinets before going to the store

Grocery list

Bag salad or various lettuces (2)
Spaghetti squash

3-5 low-carb bars
Low carb bread
Flax cereal or hi-fiber cereal (like fiber-all)

Canned chicken
can tuna
Unsweetened peanut butter
Unsweetened chocolate
Classico marinara sauce (no sugar)

Bacon (precooked works out pretty well or get a package and cook it all and freeze it)
Ground beef
small steak
Deli meat (ham or turkey goes well)

no-sugar dressing (Ranch, blue cheese or a vinegarette...check Maries brand)
Cream cheese
1 block of cheese (sharp cheddar is a favorite here)
Eggs -- 1 carton
Sour cream
Whipping cream or half/half
10:14 pm
The first MENU
Drink at least 8oz of water with every meal. Tea or Coffee is fine in small amounts. No
refined sugar! IF you must sweeten, use Splenda or if you cannot find it, then equal is ok.
If you go out to eat, try to eat something that is about the same as what is on the menu
(like sashimi or steak with veggies, etc) NO potatoes, rice, or carbs that aren't listed. If you
drink alcohol, please make it a pure kind which means no mixers. Dirty martinis, shots
and scotch with soda are fine (tonic has sweetener, soda does not). New low carb beers
are ok, but not first choice.

If you have questions...feel free to ask. I'm basing this menu off the Atkins diet. I am not
a doctor, consult one if you feel the need. All the regular disclaimer shit.

From now on this (along with the grocery list) will be posted at the community I made just for this
[Bad username: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=weekly_menu]

Please join if you wish to participate.

Day One
Hardboiled egg

Low-carb Bar


  • Chicken Salad

(canned chicken breast - drained, mayo, celery - chopped, onion --
chopped, seasonings - salt, pepper, cayenne, etc)

  • a little Lettuce Salad


  • Salmon with spinach

(Salmon brushed with oil and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, lemon. Baked at 350 until
flakes with a fork)
(Spinach steamed in a sautee pan until tender, about 2 minutes)

Day Two

  • Srambled eggs or Low-carb toast

  • Bacon


  • Fresh veggies with dip (celery carrots broccoli)

(Dip-- Sour cream mixed with a touch of Mayo and "season all" or salt/pepper/cayenne
and dill. Or buy a pre-made kind)

If toast for breakfast, then lunch meat and cheese with no bread and a small salad
If no toast for breakfast, sandwich with deli meat and cheese


  • Lemon Chicken

(Chicken marinated in Slices of lemon, olive oil, wine, pepper, salt, garlic
and baked in the marinade at 350 for about 30-40 minutes or until cooked through)

  • Veggie

(fresh or frozen, cooked about 1-2 cups)

Day Three
Hi-fiber cereal or hot flax cereal with half and half or cream

cheese cubes or string cheese

leftovers OR chef's salad (only blue cheese or ranch or oil/ vinegar dressing)


  • Petite steaks

  • Fauxtatoes

(Cook steak as you like it -- i like mine with a little red wine, oil and pepper marinade and
then cooked medium rare)
(Fauxtatoes -- cook a head of cauliflower until very tender. Drain well. Mash with approx
1/2 bar of cream cheese, salt/pepper, other seasonings. It should resemble mashed
potatoes and taste sorta the same.)

Day Four

deli meat/ Cheese omlette (or eggs scrambled with ham and cheese or hardboiled with a side of

Low-carb Bar


  • Tuna Salad with Salad

(Canned Tuna with a touch of mayo and mustard, celery, and onion all mixed up)


  • Peanut Chicken stir fry

(Chicken marinated in soy sauce, garlic and a little oil. Cooked briefly and set aside. Broccoli and any other veggies "steam fried" in a pan with a bit of oil and a bit of water, covered until crisp-cooked. Combine chicken and veggies in pan, lid off. In a seperate sauce-pan mix 2-3 tbsp of peanut butter, soy, water, and seasonings and mix until it looks like gravy. Pour mixture over chicken and veggies and cook for about 2 minutes. YUM!)

Day Five
cereal or bar

Celery with peanut butter/ cream cheese


  • Taco Salad

(Ground beef, lettuce, tomato, guacamole-if you want it, sour cream)


  • Spaghetti squash "Spaghett"

(Spaghetti squash is cut in half lengthwise and placed "fruit" side down in a pan with water. Baked at 350 for about 20-40 minutes or until the top can be pierced with a knife. Take out and scrape insides with a fork -- strands should look like spaghetti. Put in separate bowl. In saucepan, heat up marinara sauce (premade). Plate squash with marinara and shredded cheese.)

  • Garlic Toast

(Low carb bread with butter and garlic, baked in oven)

  • Chocolate mousse

(1 pkg. of regular cream cheese, 1 pint of whipping cream, few teaspoons of splenda or sweet'n'low (splenda tastes better),1 sqaure of unsweetened baker's chocolate -- melt the cream cheese so it blends easier. melt chocolate in a saucepan. in a large bowl, add all the ingredients and mix with a mixer on high speed for about 3-4 minutes. after that, refrigerate for an hour.
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